There is nothing like a great plate of catfish.  If it's done right.  I can't begin to tell you how awful it is to bite into a piece of under/over cooked catfish.

This weekend, James and I took to the road once again to find our balance.  He wanted great catfish, and I wanted a great steak.  Now, we do not agree at all about how to cook a steak, so we agree to disagree, but we do both agree that one of the best places for Catfish is at Bob's Catfish in Meridan, Ok.


Nestled on the side corner of Old State Hwy 81 and Refinery Road, Bob's Catfish doesn't really look like a restaurant at all.  It's simple design might make you think that the food is simple as well.  That would be completely false.  I am a steak connoisseur; there is nothing more tasty than a Rib eye cooked medium rare.  Poor James can barely look at my plate while I eat, but it is heaven on a plate!  Then when your add what actually brought you to the game, a steaming hot plate of catfish...well, I'm here to tell you that you may have to push away from the table just a tad before your meal is done.  In fact, we both had more food than we should have eaten, but just couldn't stop eating.


If you love a short drive in the country and good ole country cooking, then this is a match made in Oklahoma heaven.  To find out other great Oklahoma destinations, visit

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