Nearly 100 years ago, the country saw one of the worst economic disasters along with an absolute nightmare of environmental changes. As more and more survivors of the Dust Bowl era reach their hundreds, the thought comes to mind: could we do what they had to in order to survive the Dust Bowl?

Canva - Dust Bowl Days

 Dry, Dry, Dry

According to the National Weather Service, during the Dust Bowl "the entire region, already a semi-arid climate to begin with, endured extreme drought for almost a decade." Dust was literally everywhere - in their clothes, in the windows, in the drawers and cabinets. Although our homes today are far more insulated and sealed, we would still have to tackle constant dust anytime we needed to leave.

Growing food and watering animals were also a struggle during the extreme drought. Although we've learned to store water over the years and created ways to filter otherwise undrinkable water, what happens when reserves run out and the rain stays away - would you be able to find what you need?

Canva Dust Bowl Homes

Nine To Five Would Be A Blessing - Even For Dolly

Although the economy during the Depression completely crashed, families - specifically farm families - continued to try to produce crops and livestock to bring in money. Taxes were still expected to be paid and food still needed to put on the table. Although there was a point that "the federal government adopted a policy that would guarantee farmers a higher-than-market price for their crops and livestock if they would reduce their production," farmers were still expected to work. If the hammer fell and the times got hard, would you be able to do the same?

Canva - Dying Crops


No water and dry land make for a terrible harvest. Many recipes preserved from the Dust Bowl were cheap and easy to make - but they weren't always "picky eater friendly." Mary Main, a late survivor of the time, mentioned that her family couldn't enjoy meats or sliced bread (which wasn't invented yet). Instead, they snacked on things like "onion sandwiches." Other families who were more fortunate may have been able to enjoy sweets like the "Old-World Puff Pancake" or Baked Apple Pudding. Since people had very little money and crops were scarce, families had to get creative with what they put on the table. Think to yourself: could you make a meal with hardly anything in your pantry?

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