Texas certainly has enough room for Bigfoot to walk around (nearly) unnoticed. 

Image by tony241969 from Pixabay and Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay
Image by tony241969 from Pixabay and Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization keeps an up to date database on Bigfoot sightings and there no shortage of them in Texas. In fact, they site currently has 253 sightings listed Anderson, Texas to Wood, Texas (so far none in Zavala, Texas thus ruining my plan of listings A to Z). Some of the towns only have one or two listings but there are some frequent flyers on this list!

Where To Find Bigfoot

The places with the most sightings of Bigfoot are Montgomery with 16 separate incidents. Coming in at 10 are Cass and Liberty. From there it's Rusk with 9 incidents and Harrison with 8. These incidents range from unexplained howls to, photographs of footprints, to possible sightings and more.

Texas Bigfoot

Am I the only one upset that the Lone Star State's version of Bigfoot doesn't have a special Texas-type name. Shouldn't it be something like "The Texas Titan", or "The Lone Star Ape-Monster"?  There is the East Texas Woolybooger, but that's a little regional for my taste. Also, there is the "Horizon City Monster", but again, there's nothing overarching that screams "Texas-centric" to me.

Up Close And Personal

If you were hoping to get some stories about Texans getting up close and personal with Bigfoot, then let me turn you over to Lyle Blackburn who wrote a whole book about Bigfoot encounters in the Lone Star State called, "Texas Bigfoot: History, Legends, and Modern Encounters in the Lone Star State" which is available on Amazon.

Is It Mass Psychosis?

It's easy for some to dismiss Bigfoot and even this article doesn't delve deep into encounters, but with 253 incident reports, you have to think that something is going on. Until then, let's start working on a better name than "Texas Bigfoot".

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