Have you ever heard of a Turd Blossom?

If it sounds like a foul insult to you, you aren't exactly wrong, but it also refers to a flower that grows straight out of cow poo, known as the Sand Turd. Interestingly enough, "Turd Blossom" was a term of endearment former U.S. President George W. Bush used for his former chief political advisor, Karl Rove. How sweet! Haha! There was no malice behind the nickname, only love, which I guess makes it alright.

I've got some nicknames for my siblings that are less than loving...

These stinky flowers are NOT to be confused with mushrooms you see growing out of piles of cow dung most often. A Turd Blossom refers to any wildflower you come across that is growing out of a pile of cow crud, not just one specific flower.

I do not recommend sniffing them...for obvious reasons.

If you come across some flowers in a pile of cow turds that look something similar to the photo below, then you've come across a Turd Blossom...


I've never seen a more beautiful pile of crap. How lovely...or...uh...something?

Texans are so tickled by the term, you'll even find it on t-shirts. Here's one I found on Amazon for $16.99 - what a steal!


So, now you know! While it is an insult (term of endearment, whatever) a Turd Blossom is also what you call a wildflower growing out of some cow mess!

Do you feel smarter? Or did you just waste 5 minutes? Either way...you're welcome!

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