In a heart-wrenching incident in Houston, a father tragically lost his life during a home invasion.


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Early Sunday morning, around 2:30 a.m., his residence on Castlecreek Lane—a quiet neighborhood in Houston—became the scene of a horrifying break-in. Houston police report that three masked individuals forced their way into Frometa's home, subsequently shooting him multiple times in an act of senseless violence.


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The devastating event has left the family in shambles, as recounted by his stepdaughter in an emotional interview with KHOU 11. Despite Frometa's wife and two young children, who are diagnosed with autism, being spared physical harm, the psychological scars will be long-lasting. Shockingly, the family revealed that the youngest child witnessed the murder, a traumatic experience that will undoubtedly impact the family for years to come.


Following the tragedy, the stepdaughter passionately called for an end to such terrible actions, highlighting the deep and lasting harm they caused her family. "I want people who did this to stop," the stepdaughter said. "They're taking things from homes, they took an innocent life. They ruined the children's lives."

As the investigation unfolds, Houston police urge the community to assist by reviewing footage from security cameras, hoping to reveal the identities of the attackers. The motive behind the break-in remains a mystery, leaving the family and community in search of answers.

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