Greek life is a major part of the college experience and it's that time of year when all freshmen are going through rush week. One video making the round on TikTok is showcasing how insanely outrageous the cost of rush week can be.

Show Me The Money

One SMU rushee made a post to TikTok where it was revealed that her outfit cost $14,000 and was then broken down. The shoes, pants, and jewelry seemed to very much break the bank for any regular college student and of course she had to tie the entire outfit together with a school t-shirt.

Broke My Brain

The break down of the outfit seemed to also break my mind as I could never even come close to affording one single piece of her outfit. I could afford the jeans but would probably spend that money on two pairs of jeans instead of the just one. So what's the deal? Why did this girl go all out for just one outfit for a silly day of rush? Well first those are fighting words to anyone going through rush and second you always have to make a great impression.

See Me

As someone who went to a private Christian University we did not have Greek Life but had something similar. We did not spend hundreds, or thousands, of dollars for an outfit like this girl did but making an impression is a big deal. I did spend $35 on a giant  bedsheet for a toga party though. So while the big deal is getting into a club where you will make life long friends, maybe, it's not '$14,000 worth of my own money' important. There is also no guarantee you will even get into the sorority or fraternity you want which could make the whole thing a big waste.

What are your thoughts? Is Greek Life just too expensive or are these rushees just going all out to fit in? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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