Darius Rucker was driving around with 14 purple pills when he was stopped by police. His arrest happened on Thursday (Feb. 1), but the initial traffic stop took place nearly a year ago.

The singer responded to a warrant for his arrest this week, thus the new charges, mug shot and reporting. The reason for the nearly 1-year delay has to do with what police allegedly found on him at the scene.

  • Darius Rucker was arrested in Williamson County, Tenn., and charged with simple possession/casual exchange and driving with expired registration.
  • All three charges are misdemeanors.
  • Rucker was booked at 12:15PM and released shortly after on $10,500 bond.

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Credit TMZ for getting to — or close to — the bottom of this. They report that on Feb. 19, 2023, police noticed Rucker driving with expired tags, so they pulled him over. Upon smelling marijuana smoke, they searched his car and found a THC pen and the 14 purple pills. He said these pills were given to him by his girlfriend, Summer.

A pat down revealed a small joint, and the cops took Rucker's pills, but sent him on his way pending further testing.

Fast-foward to last December, when a warrant for the star's arrest was issued. Presumably, it took that long to identify them as Psilocin, an ingredient in magic mushrooms (per the National Library of Medicine).

This drug is a Schedule I controlled substance, thus the warrant. He turned himself in on Thursday and was promptly released on $10,000 bail.

So far, Rucker hasn't said anything about the incident. Lawyers had previously said he was cooperating with police.

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