These days, Reba McEntire is reaping the benefits of mixing business with pleasure: Her boyfriend, actor Rex Linn, is also her co-star in two television projects, ABC's Big Sky: Deadly Trails and Lifetime's The Hammer.

Though she's got a long history as an actor, the role is technically a secondary gig for McEntire, who's best known as a legendary country music performer. Still, Linn is downright impressed with her on-screen talents.

"She doesn't stop moving," he tells TV Insider. "I'm telling you, man, she's like a great white shark. Can't stop or they'll die in the water. At least that's what the scientists tell us."

The two shows are very different: McEntire and Linn explore their darker — and perhaps more villainous — sides on Big Sky, where they portray a husband-and-wife backcountry outfitter team in rural Montana. Meanwhile, on The Hammer, McEntire stars as a judge engrossed in an unsolved murder, while Linn plays the wealthy father of a young man in legal trouble. But no matter what world they're acting in, Linn says he and McEntire always have fun together when they're on set.

"Every scene was fun for me because I was working with her, and I mean that," he continues. "We'll wink at each other in the middle of a scene."

Deadly Trails — which is the third season of Big Sky — premiered in September, and will return to ABC at 10PM ET on Wednesday night (Jan. 4) after the show's winter break.

The Hammer premieres on Lifetime on Saturday (Jan. 7) at 8PM ET.

McEntire and Linn started dating in 2020, but they've known each other for decades. They first met on the set of the Kenny Rogers film The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw in 1991. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they both found themselves single and reconnected, and have since gone on to become inseparable. In November, McEntire shared a birthday message for Linn in which she called him "the love of my life."

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