A young woman on Reddit feels completely "destroyed" after her own mother "stole" and "damaged" her wedding dress, which was a family heirloom given to her by her grandmother.

The woman explained she was kicked out of her house as a teen in 2021, and that her mom and sister "raided my room for what they wanted before I came back to collect the rest of my things."

"The wedding dress was one of those items taken from me in 2021. [My mom] used the excuse that the people I was staying with left their house unlocked and she didn't want it stolen or damaged so she was going to get it cleaned and boxed, and she stated, 'You shouldn't have it, it's a family heirloom,'" she wrote on Reddit.

After years of "fighting" with her mom, she finally got the dress back after threatening to take her mom to court and obtaining an audio recording from her grandmother confirming the dress was gifted to her.

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Unfortunately, when she opened the dress box, she saw the gown was "ruined," with "thousands of dollars worth of damage."

"This dress drama started because she wanted to clean and keep the dress from being damaged or stolen only to steal the dress from me, clean it and damage it beyond belief," the woman continued, adding her family told her she's being "overdramatic."

"However, I feel I have full right to be angry as she stole and damaged MY dress, then tried to turn it into some kind of communal wedding dress after it had specifically been given to ME. I called her and she sounded like she was trying not to laugh saying, 'Well, that is the risk you take when getting an old wedding dress dry cleaned,'" she recalled.

"I believe it's 100 percent her responsibility to fix it so I will be demanding that she gets it repaired at her cost," the young woman concluded.

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Users in the comments section urged the woman to take legal action.

"If it is thousands of dollars worth of damage, I’d take her to court," one person wrote.

"I would definitely sue for the damage. This is beyond vindictive," another shared.

"You said your Mom doesn’t want any legal trouble. She destroyed your dress, your property. That is a crime. Call the police on her, and when she calls enraged, tell her, 'That’s the risk you take when you damage other people's belongings!' Also, since she cares so much about appearance, I would take a pic of the dress and blast her on social media. She sounds like a bully. Only one way to deal with a bully, show them you will not be bullied and they will face consequences when they do," someone else commented.

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