The audacity of some people is truly unmatched, and no one proves that better than one wedding party who went viral for their alleged impromptu, free and unauthorized ceremony in an unsuspecting coffee shop.

Indianapolis coffee shop Mansion Society shared the shocking story on Instagram last week.

"We are ultimately sharing to ask our patrons to please be considerate, mindful and consider booking us for a PRIVATE EVENT other than showing up and taking control of our small business with no notice or any sort of monetary prearrangement," the cafe wrote in an Instagram post exposing the unexpected wedding.

According to the establishment, the "odd eventful day" began when an entire wedding  party –– officiant and photographer included –– invaded the coffee shop. They apparently "took over" and left wedding gifts and other personal items strewn around the dining area.

"The group of about 20-30 people continued to not only have a wedding ceremony but take pictures, videos and block pathways for customers," the post continued, adding that the wedding party asked the employees to take their coats, purses and other items "as if they had rented us out for a private event."

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In a follow-up post two days after the original, the coffee shop updated their followers on the "pop-up" wedding.

The cafe confirmed that the viral post had reached the bride in question, who offered a "$200 donation" for her alleged boldness. The coffee shop said they sent the bride an invoice for their regular fee of $500 and that the bridal party didn't "see themselves in the wrong."

The coffee shop also explained that the presence of wedding guests didn't seem immediately strange at first because they are used to having wedding-goers as patrons due to the wedding venue next door. But by the time the ceremony was in full force, it was too late to stop it.

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"Our shock froze us in the moment," they said.

They also shared a video of the pop-up wedding ceremony and their email to the bride.

In the email, they revealed that the wedding party disrupted the coffee shop's business by moving around furniture, blocking the entrance to have a photo shoot and crowding the dining area with more than 20 people while the ceremony took place.

The wedding party also allegedly lined their cars up outside the entrance "valet style."

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