A Popeyes location has been shut down after managers allegedly pressured teenage employees to skip school to work because the restaurant was short-handed.

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Popeyes Closed After Asking Teenage Employees to Skip School to Work

A Popeyes in Oakland, California has been closed over accusations that managers at the restaurant pressured teenage employees to skip school because they were understaffed.

In addition to being asked to skip school, teenage employees also claim they were made to work past 11:00 pm.

Clearly, both instances are in major violation of California state labor laws.

17-year-old Johnmara Romero worked at the Oakland Popeyes as a cashier and tells hollywoodunlocked.com she felt that if she continued to work for Popeyes she wouldn't be able to graduate High School.

Romero tells Yahoo! News -

"One time I worked until 11 p.m. on a school night, and I was late for school the next morning because I overslept.

One time they called me into work at noon on a school day, even though school goes until 2:30 pm because they were short-staffed, so I skipped school that day."

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Popeyes has closed the location due to the allegations and has launched an investigation.

According to California child labor laws, employers can be fined up to $10,000 per violation. Parents of the child can be fined as well.

Read more at hollywoodunlocked.com.

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