While most McDonald's have a similar menu, there's at least one location that might have an ambiance that tops all other fast food joints.

Inside Sweden's McSki McDonald's

The popular Lindvallen ski resort brings thousands of thrill-seekers to Salen, Sweden every year. SkiStar.com says the resort is lauded for its accessibility for families who want to stick together during their trip.

Another appealing feature for those traveling with kids to Lindvallen is the McSki restaurant.

This McDonald's location is fitted to serve anyone coming off the slopes. Powder.com noted the restaurant even has helmet and ski holders to safely store customers' equipment.

Another unique feature is a window leading outside where hungry skiers can glide right up to grab some food.

"Clearly, not even the Swedes are above craving a hot, juicy burger after a good session while your legs burn and your eyelashes are frozen together," Powder.com stated in its article.

In addition to the usual McDonald's fare, the McSki also has elevated dessert offerings in its McCafe area where cakes, macaroons and donuts are featured on the menu.

Outside, skiers are welcomed by warm flames and the occasional ice sculpture near the front of the building.

Highest-Rated McDonald's

The view. The ski-up window. It's no wonder this location is the highest-rated McDonald's according to Powder's research.

"Weird to see a McDonald's right off a lift, but hey fast food then back to ski is alright by me," Steve Bigras wrote in his review on Google.

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Some were surprised to even see a McDonald's that far out there.

"I didn't expect that on the mountain," Kesętutis Kacevičius wrote. "The prices are good, the location is convenient the service is fast, there is a ski-drive."

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