Jackie Lee had no Plan B when he moved to Nashville eight years ago. The always smiling, forever good-natured singer admits he was make it or bust, but he still mines for some things from home.

That's just one of the many things fans learn during this episode of Last Question. Lee gives the scoop on his favorite charity, drinking game and barbecue sauce. Things do turn serious, however — okay, that's not true. Come on, it all ends with him saying "Totes McGoats" (he believes no one should say that ever)!

Lee is working on his next project while making tour stops across the country this fall. A Sept. 30 date at the Route 91 Harvest Festival looks pretty sweet, but he's also got dates booked in midwestern states like Iowa, Ohio and Michigan.

Ania Hammar is the host of Last Question, ToC’s feature that allows artists to talk about things fans always wanted to know, but were too embarrassed to ask. Kip MooreChris YoungBrett Young and Brett Eldredge are a few artists who have been generous enough to give a minute of their time. Watch them all below.

Cop Cars, Celebrity Crushes, First Kisses + More: It's Last Question!

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