Jacob Davis is now the father of two beautiful little girls. The "What I Wanna Be" singer's wife gave birth to Lane Elizabeth this week.

Davis shared the news on Twitter using the hashtag #allmygirls. He had not publicly discussed the pregnancy much (if at all), so the news came as something of a surprise. Little Lane joins big sister Percy, born on Christmas Eve 2015.

Watch Jacob Davis Sing "What I Wanna Be" for RISERS

“I think about even artists 10 years ago and not having FaceTime,” he tells Taste of Country on fathering from afar. “You think, ‘How did they do that?’ It’s every day I see my wife and my little girl and she sees my face and hears my voice.”

Their influence has bled into his music. A song called "Down to Earth" was inspired by the first two women in his life. Stay tuned to see if baby Lane inspires her own sometime soon.

Recently Davis made his Grand Ole Opry debut, continuing an exciting year that included him being featured in the inaugural class of Taste of Country RISERS. The Louisiana-raised country singer is known for mixing funk and harmonies into his brand of twang. Tim McGraw was a big influence, and he chose "Where the Green Grass Grows" as his cover during the ToC shoot in February.

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