Jameson Rodgers' newest single, "Cold Beer Calling My Name," is a slice of laidback, tried-and-true country music gold. From its titular drink to the imagery of a girl riding shotgun and a night full of fun ahead, the song stirs up all the makings of a hit at country radio.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that Rodgers tapped one of the genre's biggest juggernauts, Luke Combs, to trade verses with him on the track.

The up-and-coming singer opened for Combs during the latter's 2019 Beer Never Broke My Heart Tour, and it's clear that he learned a thing or two about putting out instant country classics from watching Combs on stage every night.

"It's a fun, easy song and I thought it'd be cool to have someone on it," Rodgers shares of how the duet came together. "At the time, I was out with Luke Combs. I asked Luke if he'd like to sing on it — I know he's a cold beer drinker like myself — and luckily it worked out and I'm excited for everybody to hear it."

Combs has an impressive track record at country radio: He's had nine singles go No. 1, and his tenth and latest release, "Better Together," is hovering in the Top 10. Now, Rodgers might be poised to follow in his former tourmate's footsteps. "Cold Beer Calling My Name" follows Rodgers' country radio debut, "Some Girls," which hit No. 1 on Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart in late October 2020.

Did You Know?: Rodgers co-wrote "Cold Beer Calling My Name" with songwriter Hunter Phelps, who's also one of his best buddies. In fact, Rodgers was a groomsman in Phelps' wedding in July of 2020, as was Hardy, another artist/songwriter pal who has written with Rodgers in the past.

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Jameson Rodgers' "Cold Beer Calling My Name" Lyrics:

It's been one of them clock it in, knock it out, clock it out / 'Bout to kick off the weekend / There's a stretch of blacktop, I ain't never seen a cop / So I'm pushing it a little past ten / Pulled a little money from the bank, put it in the tank / Shined up the windshield glass / Don't know where the night might lead, ain't nowhere to be / But I gotta get there fast 


There's a cold beer calling my name / Feel a good time coming, got a new song humming / And the sunset's doing its thing / Feeling lucky as a seven, yeah, sometimes heaven / Is a pocket full of payday green / And my baby putting sugar on me / Yeah it's sure been a pretty damn good day / And there's a cold beer calling my name, yeah

(Luke Combs) If there's a hillbilly rock show, I'll be in the front row / Holding up a red Bic flame / Or a wraparound porch with a Citronella torch / Yeah, you know I'm down either way / There's a chance that tonight might be a night that we / Ain't ever gonna forget / Yeah, everybody's turning it up, I got a little buzz / And I ain't even had one yet 

Repeat Chorus

Yeah, I'm gonna put a little chill in my weekend / Stay up all night, maybe sleep in / I'm gonna sip a little something / And I ain't gotta worry 'bout nothing 'cause...

Repeat Chorus

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