Jana Kramer has issued a public apology to her husband Mike Caussin after she made a snide remark about his infidelity during a recent episode of her podcast.

She had been discussing the TLC show Seeking Sister Wife, which brought back memories of Caussin's infidelity. "What guy doesn't want that … to have different partners and to have sex? I mean, that's why my husband cheated on me," she said during Whine Down With Jana Kramer, her podcast.

Though she issued him an apology during the taping, Kramer took her remorse one step further by explaining in detail why she made that comment. She says she uses humor as a way to process her emotions.

"For me, sometimes my way of coping with pain and triggers is deflecting and making a joke. But that’s not the healthiest especially when it can hurt someone I care about," the country singer writes honestly in an Instagram post, describing herself as a "very sarcastic person."

Kramer shared this message alongside a sweet photo of her husband gently kissing the top of her head while placing one hand on the pair's 3-year-old daughter, Jolie Rae. The couple separated for a year after news of Caussin's cheating surfaced in 2016. They ultimately reconciled in December of 2017 and renewed their vows in Hawaii. Since then, they have talked openly with fans about how Caussin's cheating affected them and what the process has been like repairing their marriage. Kramer continues her post by noting how Caussin has been a strong support system.

"Truth is, the past year Mike has shown up in every way I could have hoped for. He’s an incredible father, and has been working his ass off for our family, me, and most importantly himself so I’m sorry mike and I love you and so thankful for you and our family and all your hard work!" she praises, adding that she plans to stop bringing up Caussin's past so they can move forward.

The couple welcomed their second child, son Jace, in November of 2018.

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