Jason Aldean and his family are missing one of their recent additions this week. Aldean and wife Brittany were forced to put down their chameleon, Elvis, on Monday (Nov. 2) after it suffered complications while laying eggs.

The Aldeans first welcomed Elvis into their home in late August, with Brittany sharing the reptile with fans via Instagram.

The family thought they had purchased a male chameleon, but on Sunday (Nov. 1), they quickly realized that was not the case when Elvis — or Elvira, as she became to be known — began to lay eggs. That exciting moment turned grim when an egg became stuck and the chameleon's health plummeted.

Per Brittany's Instagram Story, Elvira developed a prolapsed cloaca: when rectal tissue (part of the large intestine) "falls out" of the vent and does not retract. Brittany updated fans on Elvis/Elvira's status, and ultimately, the couple's decision to let the vet put their pet down.

"One egg was still logged in her, so she just wasn't able to pass it, and apparently in their little bodies it's just too much," Brittany shares in updating concerned fans.

Brittany Aldean Instagram

"The humane decision was to just to put her to sleep today," Brittany says, noting that the experience was especially hard for her as an avid animal lover. "I know it’s just a chameleon, but I get very attached to my animals."

Although Elvis — now Elvira — won't physically be part of the Aldean home, Brittany is confident she's living her best life in reptile heaven: "She's eating all the crickets in heaven right now."

The Aldeans are not only animal lovers, but passionate about animal rescue, too. Recently they teamed up with other A-list country couples Luke and Caroline Bryan, Kane and Katelyn Brown, Dan and Abby Smyers, Luke and Nicole Combs and Summer Duncan and Jon Pardi in a fun competition to raise money for Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue.

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