Jason Aldean's wife, Brittany Aldean, remembers the heartache of wanting a baby and not being able to conceive easily. She means it when she tells women who are struggling with a similar battle, "I understand."

After struggling for a year and a half to conceive their first child, Memphis, whom they welcomed in December of 2017, the couple knew they wanted to use In Vitro Fertilization again for their second child, Navy Rome. She's expected to arrive in February.

"Yesterday Jase and I passed the fertility center that was basically our second home for over a year and a half. The memories came rushing back ... so many smiles and so many tears during that time," Brittany says in a forthcoming post on Instagram. "Yes, there was loss but there was also success. As I look through these photos I can’t believe that we are about to have our second baby. What a blessing." 

"Our hearts are so full and we are so excited but I wanted to take a second and say to the families/ladies that are praying for a child ...  that would do anything to become pregnant ... I understand your struggle and pray that you know you are not alone," she concludes.

Jason Swears Brittany's Not a Pregnant Diva

Fans were quick to tell Brittany how they appreciate her candidness, and to send messages of support and understanding. The message came with images from her recent maternity shoot, which shows the couple's 1-year-old son, Memphis sitting on her pregnant belly.

The Aldeans will meet their new daughter (Aldean's third), Navy Rome, soon, and they knew they wanted her to have a unique name.

"Britt wanted to name Memphis 'Roman' and I wasn't really feeling it," the singer says. "So when it came time for Navy, she asked, 'Do you care if we give her the middle name Rome?' and I was like, 'Works for me.'"

Brittany has been documenting her entire pregnancy on her Instagram, even including a tour of the new nursery. The family is currently waiting for their dream home to finish construction for them to move in.

Baby Navy Aldean's Nursery Is All Set Up:

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