Jason Aldean's fans have been commenting on how much his little boy, Memphis, looks like the country superstar, but the latest photo that he shared online takes the cake.

Aldean turned to Instagram on Friday night (Jan. 19) to post an adorable father-son picture with his 6-week-old boy. Daddy is holding his son with his cute little face peering over Dad's left shoulder into the camera, giving him a sweet kiss on the left side of his face. Little Memphis has the exact same wide, crystal blue eyes as his famous father, and the remarkable head of hair he was born with has only gotten thicker over the last few weeks.

The picture touched off a slew of adoring fan comments about how much the pair look alike, with one IG user chiming in with, "Mini-me!!," while another writes, "He is so precious with your eyes."

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Aldean and his wife Brittany welcomed Memphis Aldean Williams on Dec. 1, 2017, weighing 9 lbs., 5 oz. at birth. They announced his birth via Instagram  by posting a picture of the newborn in his mother's arms, with her saying it was "hands down the happiest day of my life."

The couple have been documenting many precious moments with their son in social media posts, and life looks pretty idyllic in the Aldean household these days. But Aldean turned to social media recently to share the side of having a newborn that's a little less fun, posting a pic of Memphis screaming nonstop.

"@brittanyaldean is always posting pics of Memphis that are good, But this is actually the stuff she doesn't post," he wrote, adding, "#reallife #hangry."

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