It turns out Jason Aldean is just as cool offstage as he is onstage. The country star barely even reacted when he received a prank call saying construction was going to halt on his new house due to a problem on the property.

Aldean and his wife, Brittany, recently purchased a piece of property in Tennessee and began building their dream home, and Chrisley Knows Best star Todd Chrisley probably thought he could get a big reaction from the "Girl Like You" singer by telling him the project was being threatened when he pranked the star during a recent appearance on E! News. Chrisley dialed Aldean from the set and put him on speakerphone while hosts Giuliana Rancic and Jason Kennedy looked on, and when Aldean came on the line, he put on a fake accent and identified himself as "Bill Kennedy" to give him some news that would be unwelcome to any homeowner.

"We got a problem out here on this property that you own," he says in the clip above. "Are you aware that you've been clearing property out here where you got some endangered species?"

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Aldean doesn't even change the tone of his voice as he replies, "No, I had no clue about that at all." He explains that he and his wife bought the property within the last six months, and "the person we were buying it from, I mean, we told her what our plan was, and it was never brought up to us at all or anything, so we had no idea."

"Well, I mean, you understand that we're gonna have to shut this construction site down," Chrisley replies. Aldean pauses, but still doesn't seem too terribly concerned as he starts to ask, "Okay ... so, what does that ..."

"I mean, you know, you're out here encroaching on an endangered species, you know, a crawfish that's got two penises. Now, are you aware of that?" Chrisley says, and at that, Aldean realizes he's being played.

"I think I know who this is," Aldean says, at which point Chrisley loses it and begins to laugh openly. Rancic takes the phone at that point, affecting a truly terrible Southern accent to say, "This is his assistant," causing Kennedy to roll back on the sofa in a fit of uncontrolled laughter.

"I'm tellin' you, we're not laughin' over here," she admonishes as Aldean is heard laughing into the phone. "So you shouldn't be laughin' neither."

She hands the phone back to Chrisley, who decides to poke a little more fun at Aldean before revealing himself. He and Aldean — who is now clearly playing along — banter back and forth about whether Aldean is "trying to be the Celine Dion of country music," and Aldean replies, "I might want to be."

The jig is clearly up by then, and Kennedy reveals all of their identities. "You're live on E! News right now; we're pranking you, my friend," he says, to which Aldean, still unflappable, replies, "Awesome."

As they all laugh, Aldean admits he might have been a little more concerned than he sounded.

"We're pretty far along to start shutting it down," he says. He also takes a couple of good-natured jabs at Chrisley in retaliation for the prank, saying, "We're not friends anymore after this ... you'd better keep your eyes open."

View the whole hysterical exchange in the video at the top of the story.

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