Jenna Paulette is gearing up to release a new EP, and she's letting fans hear one of the keystone tracks, "Wild Like the West," early in this Taste of Country exclusive.

"Wild Like the West" is an intriguing musical mix of traditional influences and a modern vibe, pairing pedal steel with some glossy production elements for a progressive-yet-classic track that is not quite like anything else in country music right now.

The lyrics serve as part warning, part promise.

"Boy, I'm wild as the west / Leave your head in a mess / Get your heart beating out of your chest / You'll feel like an old Mustang / Chasing that freight train / Cursing the day we met / So if you know what's best / Let me be wild like the west," Paulette sings in the chorus.

The free-spirited singer-songwriter drew on her own life to write "Wild Like the West," during a period in which she was feeling too confined by the demands of her career.

"I wrote 'Wild Like the West' as a parallel to how I was feeling internally. In a lot of ways it's a parallel, a reflection of my need to be myself and to have my freedom — to be who I am where I feel most alive," Paulette tells us. "I was in a really conflicted place emotionally, feeling bound to being where I should be, in Nashville, but drawn to where I want to be... home in Texas with cattle and wide open spaces."

"I love being here, in Nashville, but the goal for me is to pull a George Strait on this place and have my own cattle operation," she explains. "Growing up influenced by that world is what gives what I am doing with music any backbone. I've got a little wild in me that can only be satisfied in that life and I can't imagine mine without it."

Paulette is originally from the Dallas area, but she also spent a lot of her childhood on her family's ranch. Her bio calls her a "walking juxtaposition." Paulette terms her mix of modern and traditional "the New West," and that's apparent in not only the mix of influences in her music, but also her unique sensibilities in terms of style.

"Wild Like the West" is the first taste fans have had of Paulette's upcoming new EP, Modern Cowgirl Vol. 1. Fans who pre-order the EP will receive a free download of the song.

Keep up with Jenna Paulette via her official website, or by following her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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