Jennifer Nettles is breaking up with heartbreak in her new video for "Hey Heartbreak."

The nearly four-minute clip, directed by Shane Drake, sees the singer frolicking on the beach in Santa Barbara and enjoying some much-deserved vacation time, sipping wine at dinner and exploring life alone. Instead of crying over a broken heart, Nettles embraces it.

"Who can’t relate to a good breakup song?" Nettles says in a press release. "The fun part is that there are all kinds of breakup songs. You could be Adele and you could be heartbroken and down. Or you could be 'Hey Heartbreak' that is super fun and triumphant and almost like an anthem for freedom. You’re really moving past the sadness and healing."

Nettles takes a twist from the typical heartbreak song, and throughout each scene in the video, she's all smiles as she takes herself out on a date and finds joy talking to new people.

"The whole idea here is that she is letting go of a heartbreak," Drake says. "She’s letting go of all the things that make you feel down -- make you feel constricted. We decided to take a positive approach towards ourselves where Jennifer can have Santa Barbara to recharge and re-energize."

"Hey Heartbreak" is one of the songs off Nettles' sophomore solo album Playing With Fire, released earlier this year. The singer has been keeping busy, as she recently dropped her first holiday album, To Celebrate Christmas, which features duets with Idina Menzel and Andra Day. She also stars as Dolly Parton’s mother, Avie Lee Parton, in Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love, which will re-air on Dec. 23 on NBC.

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