Jennifer Nettles’ and Kelly Clarkson‘s opening performance of the Eurythmic’s classic ‘Would I Lie to You’ during tonight’s episode of ‘Duets’ was a rather fitting pairing — considering the season finale was a battle of the blonds, with the two leading ladies’ teams accounting for the final three contestants. Despite Clarkson’s impressive showing with Jason Farol and Team Jennifer’s consistency with John Glosson through the entire season, clear frontrunner J Rome was named the best amateur in all of America, taking home a coveted recording contract with Hollywood Records.

Though Nettles had two contestants vying for the top spot during the finale, a remark made before the winner was even announced may have eluded to Nettles’ thoughts on how the public voted following last week’s performances.

“I want him to win,” admitted the Sugarland lead singer. “I want him to do well. I want him to do well in life.”

Nettles’ remarks were certainly not without justification. J Rome was a clear frontrunner from the very first episode, claiming the top spot on the mentor-influenced scoreboard every week until voting became public. With last week’s performance of ‘Breakeven’ and this week’s take on ‘Rhythm of the Night,’ the young hopeful capped the season like a seasoned professional.

“I said last week — I would sign J Rome to a record deal,” admitted John Legend following the announcement of the winner.

Much like the remaining three judges, Robin Thicke showed his support for the singer, and was quick to point out J Rome’s likability both onstage and off. “You always have a smile on your face and you’re kind to everyone,” observed the soul singer throughout the competition. “I wish you the best in this industry.”

Even with her own protege making the final three, Clarkson gave J Rome the props he rightfully deserved throughout the entire season. “I love you. You make me so happy,” gushed the Texas native. The ‘Mr. Know It All’ singer has gone as far as throwing her shoe in elation at J Rome in a past episode.

Even with taking home the grand prize, the singer admitted the season’s closure was a rather bittersweet event. “I’m crushed,” J Rome said of knowing he wont ever take the stage with Nettles again. “It’s heart-wrenching.”

“For now — you never know,” chimed in the ‘Tonight’ singer.

Glosson may have had to settle for a second place finish, but his hometown hero was quick to shower the singer with praises about the friendship that transpired throughout the season. “John has reminded me of family and of community,” acknowledged Nettles. The realization is particularly timely, considering her recent announcement that she and her husband are expecting their first child later this year.

“Nine weeks ago, I thought my life was set,” confessed Glosson just before taking the stage to perform ‘For Good’ with his celebrity mentor. “For something like this to happen out of the blue — this journey has been like a roller coaster.”

With is first place finish on the first season of ‘Duets,’ J Rome has been officially added as the newest artist on the Hollywood Records talent roster. Hollywood Records has yet to comment on the expected time frame for new music from the singer.

Watch as J Rome Is Named the Winner of ‘Duets’

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