Jenny Gill is marking 4/20 — the unofficial holiday dedicated to smoking cannabis — with her new feel-good tune, "Willie and Weed."

The tune finds the singer, who is the daughter of country star Vince Gill, singing about the ease of a relationship with a partner and comparing it to two other things that go well together: Willie Nelson and weed.

Although the song is partly about celebrating a relationship, Gill also sings about relaxing and partaking in the smoking of the plant. The chorus features plenty of clever lyrics which relate the nature of the relationship to the recreational activity of smoking.

"Loving you is easy / Easy like breathing in / You know I love the feeling every time that I hit your lips / It's a damn good habit, yeah, you know I gotta have it, baby, every single day of the week / You know we go together like Willie and Weed," she sings.

The tune features mellow piano instrumentation and percussion in the beginning, which rises throughout the song. The production combined with Gill's soulful voice only underlines the laid-back message of the song. She wrote it with Brennin Hunt and Haley Marnott, and she announced the tune's release on social media.

"Out Now!! Hope you guys enjoy it," she says, adding that she's, "so proud of this one."

In a previous post on her Instagram, Gill flat-out says the song "is about being stoned."

Jenny Gill is the daughter of Vince Gill and his first wife, singer Janis Oliver. Prior to releasing "Willie and Weed," Gill shared a six-track project titled The House Sessions in 2016. She often shares moments from her life with her husband and children and her career on social media.

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