This morning we paid tribute to those whose lives were lost on this day 13 years ago. Where were we when the world stopped turning?


I was working for International Communications ( in Framingham, MA. I was part of the Spanish Translation team. The company translated everything from documents to computer codes to publications and audio. It was truly an international employee base. I got a call from my wife at the time about 5 minutes to 9. I could tell from the sound of her voice that something was wrong. All she could say was the we were under attack and that a plane had just flown into the twin towers. I made a stupid joke with a wrestling reference that as soon as she didn’t laugh, I knew she was serious. A few of us apparently had heard about it at about the same time as we all gathered in the conference room to watch the tv coverage at about the same time, which was just in time to see the second plane hit. The sound of silence in the building the rest of the day was deafening.


What we didn’t know at the time and didn’t discover for a few days was that a few executives of the TJ Maxx Corporation, whose headquarters we on the floor right above us, were on one of the planes that hit the towers. I also discovered in the week or so that followed, that I had recently been on the same Boston to LA flight that had been used to hit the towers. I don’t know to this day whether or not I had the same flight crew that was on the tragic flight. I don’t know if there was anyone on the flight that was on the plane as a “dry run,” though there were a few people on the plane that make me think it is a possibility.


I was actually on the air with my partner Eric Sharum.  We got a call from one of our sales people that said we needed to turn on Good Morning America cause some idiot just flew a plane into the World Trade Center.  We went into the next room and watched in shock as a second plane flew into the other tower.  This began one of the longest days I have experienced in radio.  We continued to broadcast for the next 12 hours or so bringing news updates as they became available.

I remember the only thing that I wanted to do was go home and hug my babies.  To have some sense that the world had not ended.  But for those in New York it did.  Such a sad sad day.  I am honored to be able to have been a part in getting information out to Lawton/Fort Sill.

Here is the tribute that we played on the air this morning featuring the music of JoDee Messina:


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