Jessie James Decker has nothing to hide in her latest bikini photos, and that includes the country-pop singer and reality TV personality letting it all hang out when it comes to sharing her body insecurities.

While Decker is no stranger to snapping bikini pics, the three-time mom and devoted wife turned to Instagram on March 28 to express her unfiltered feelings about the toll that childbirth has taken on her body. She also detailed some of the surgeries she's undergone since having her children.

Indicating her awareness that "a lot of moms feel the same way," Decker used the unaltered images to give a rundown of her various body changes while encouraging women who've experienced the same.

"I still get insecure when I put a swimsuit on sometimes because of how much loose skin I have from my pregnancies," Decker admits. "I worked really hard to lose all of my baby weight. Even gaining 55 pounds with my first. It's no wonder I have so much loose skin two out of the three babies were 9 pounds."

She continued, "It's really wild after children how much my body changed. My ribs expanded to the point of certain dresses I can't zip up that I used to and I weigh even less than I did then, and the amount of excess skin around my stomach sometimes I can't seem to push down enough into my jeans."

The still undeniably sexy performer has undergone "a few breast reduction surgeries and lifts to try to tighten up the skin on my breasts," as she outlined elsewhere in the post. But the main thrust behind the singer's latest bikini shots was a message of body positivity to all the mothers who may feel the same.

"I just want other women to know I'm with ya," Decker added, "and we in this together and it's a safe place here to vent!"

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