If you're a fan of Maren Morris, Kacey Musgraves and any other country singer who pays homage to those that are different, then you're going to love Jillian Jacqueline, who adds a new take on country music with her latest single, "God Bless This Mess."

The track is refreshing not just in its sound, but also its strong-willed lyrics. Jacqueline calls out to the "misfits," the "brokens," "wallflowers," "diamonds that'll never leave the rough" and every other kind of outsider that longs for a voice in the world. While the production is simple with a guitar, piano and soft chorus in the background, Jacqueline has created a poignant song that sounds vintage, yet modern and embodies a bold personality and free spirit.

"God Bless This Mess" finds the newcomer breaking away from every cliche that dominates country radio today, as she's unafraid to paint the image of a person in pain and back it up with a convincing vocal delivery. Jillian Jacqueline creates her own lane with "God Bless This Mess."

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Did You Know?: Jacqueline wrote and recorded her first album when she was eight years old.

Jillian Jacqueline's "God Bless This Mess" Lyrics:

Here’s to the brokens / The misfits and wannabes / The part of you that’s just like me / The wildflowers and holier than thous / To the diamonds that are never gonna leave the rough / The rolling stones that are always stuck / The all nighters and the lost I’ve never found.


God bless this mess / If this is as good as it’s gonna get / I’m gonna hold you like I know it’s gonna be okay again / I got a hurricane in my heart / Keeps on rattling the good apart / And honestly, I’m just an honest wreck / But I’m trying my best / God bless this mess, oh, god bless this mess.

Here’s to the waiting / All the waiting that we have to do / The dreams we make that never come true / And all the hurting that comes without warning / Here’s to the view from the tile of the bathroom floor / Ain’t we all been there before? / And the hell bent sun that’s gonna come up the next morning.

Most the time I forget to pray / But when I close my eyes, I just say / God bless this mess / If this is as good as it’s gonna get.

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