Jimmie Allen becomes the best version of himself in the thoughtful music video for his breakthrough song, "Best Shot."

Allen strolls down memory lane over the course of the video, revisiting childhood memories that have shaped him into the person he is today.

While the song's lyrics are directed at the woman he loves, Allen turns the attention to his family with the video. "I'm ready to be the version of me that 8-year-old Jimmie would like to be," Allen reflects in a voice over as a fun clip of he and his sister in their childhood years playing with their dad is shown in the background.

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The video is symbolic of Allen's childhood and the people who have played an important role in his life, with the singer incorporating the old toys and instruments he used to play with when he was young.

"'Cause when you smile / I see the sun sink down on a coast out in California / And there's no doubt / Because of you, I'm not the man I was before you," he sings lovingly, perched on a stool in the center of a room filled with childhood photos. They are all draping down from the ceiling like string lights, including pictures of Allen posing with his sister, mother,  grandmother and other relatives, along with adorable snaps of him as a kid.

All the memories and experiences explored in the video have led him to where he is today, evidenced in the video's penultimate scene where he enters the studio to record "Best Shot," reaching his paramount dream.

"Best Shot" is Allen's debut single and is featured on his 2017 self-titled EP. The burgeoning star has gone through a series of struggles to get here, but knows he has a place in the current country landscape.

"To see how country music has evolved over the last 10 years is amazing. It's like 'Wow, I've found my place. There's a slot for me,'" he shares during an episode of his documentary series Jimmie Allen All In. "I'm glad country is finally at the place where there's different styles, but yet still within the country music genre."

Allen is scheduled to perform at Taste of Country Music Festival on June 8.

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