No star wants to see a fight happen on his or her watch — and in his or her audience, where other fans are trying to enjoy the show. Jimmie Allen is no different, but he took things a step further by snappily handling a fight from the stage.

At a show in Rootstown, Ohio Jan. 11, someone in the crowd clearly decided to make Allen's show a little more violent than usual. Allen didn't stand for the nonsense, quickly and admirably taking matters into his own hands, as a fan recorded and posted on social media.

After calling out for the troublemaker to "relax," the singer became firm, commanding, "Get this clown outta here so we can have a good time. Roll out homeboy, we got your money already, appreciate you."

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He implored security to "just pick him up and get him out of here," adding that the incident was "wasting everyone's time." Presumably, that took care of things, and the show went on with very few minutes wasted. Good work!

Allen has a track record of good work, having made history with the first single from his album Mercury Lane, “Best Shot,” which holds the distinction of being the longest-leading debut by a solo male country artist since Blake Shelton's “Austin” in 2001. It also is the first song from any artist to return to No. 1 on the chart, after descending, in over a decade, according to Billboard.

He's also the first black artist to launch a country career with a No. 1 song. He joins Darius Rucker as the only two black country singers to have debut country tracks hit No. 1 on the charts.

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