Country newcomer JoLivi is premiering her brand-new song “Take a Shot” exclusively for readers of The Boot. Readers can press play below to hear the track.

A bubbly, upbeat drinking song, "Take a Shot" is JoLivi’s first foray into country music, replete with mentions of popular boozy spirits: "Are you down with Jameson pourin' all night? / Johnnie Walker sittin' on ice? / Throw it back with a little Jack ..."

"He says, 'Come on, girl, let's not waste it,'” sings JoLivi in the chorus of "Take a Shot." “Fireball when it hits you just right / Southern Comfort, it goes real nice with / You and me in a barroom scene / And if you take a shot / Take a shot on me.”

JoLivi wrote “Take a Shot” was written alongside her producer, Mark McKee; as JoLivi added country music to her live sets, the two began to discuss writing together -- and "Take a Shot" is the result.

“I don’t know why I waited so long," the artist says, "‘cause this feels so right.”

Before making her way to country music, JoLivi worked as a pop artist, recording two EPs and releasing three singles. The Hawaii-born songwriter's videos have racked up more than a million views on YouTube; she recently recorded a series of country cover videos, dubbed the Country Live Sessions, that she'll be releasing in the coming months.

Fans can keep up with JoLivi on her official website.

Listen to JoLivi, "Take a Shot":

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