If you’re wondering why the Jon Stewart HBO shorts intended for daily turnaround haven’t produced anything since their November 2015 announcement, there’s good reason. HBO confirms that its animated projects with the former Daily Show host have officially been scrapped, despite numerous updates on the Onion-style series.

The show was described as a “parody of a cable news network,” originally eyed to premiere sometime before the November elections. Apparently, working with cloud graphics company OTOY Inc. proved more difficult than HBO and Stewart thought, to which the network now confirms the project dead (via The New York Times):

HBO and Jon Stewart have decided not to proceed with a shortform digital animated project. We all thought the project had great potential but there were technical issues in terms of production and distribution that proved too difficult given the quick turnaround and topical nature of the material. We’re excited to report that we have some future projects together which you will be hearing about in the near future.

As stated, Stewart’s four-year deal with HBO remains in place, and will move on to new projects. The former host’s voice is certainly missed in recent months, so how might HBO and Jon Stewart try next?

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