Following a smashing — albeit typical — performance from fellow Team Blake Shelton member RaeLynn, rocker Jordis Unga tried to hold onto her spot with a little country music of her own on Monday’s live episode of ‘The Voice.’ Per instruction by coach Shelton, Unga swapped her leather pants and gritty rockers for a feminine pink dress and a copy of Sara Evans‘ smash ‘A Little Bit Stronger.’

“It’s a chance to listen to Jordis the singer, not the screamer,” Shelton said before his student took the stage.

Unga was noticeably without her comfort zone attire, but though she sported chandelier earrings and a feathery pink gown, her half-sleeve of tattoos were still in full spotlight. As was the goal, the former ‘INXS’ star did show off a different side, hoping to prove that she has all of the skills to keep her in the game.

Christina Aguilera liked that Unga showed her vulnerable side, as did both Cee Lo Green and Adam Levine. The Maroon 5 frontman was especially fond of her showing an emotional side, adding that Unga was almost in tears as she wrapped the country tune.

“I’m really proud of you for doing that, because it’s so opposite of what we know from Jordis,” Shelton told his girl and the audience — clearly proud of her rendition. “You did perfect.”

Watch Jordis Unga Perform Sara Evans, ‘A Little Bit Stronger’

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