When you listen to the title track of Josh Abbott Band's new album Until My Voice Goes Out, you won't hear a tribute to the singer's father, but that's what it has become.

"Until My Voice Goes out" was the last song David Abbott heard before his death in March. The country singer had just cut the vocals in Austin, Texas, and upon returning to Lubbock, he played them for his father.

"Sometimes things just work the way they’re supposed to work," the singer says. "I didn’t write that song for my dad, but in a way, maybe without me knowing, I did. It fits my life now, and in his absence, I couldn’t be more grateful for that song and that album title."

Josh Abbott Band

After a prelude, the song "Until My Voice Goes Out" is the first song on a 14-track album, expected on August 18. It's an easy, mid-tempo country groove with nostalgic guitars and driving bass. Abbott sings about his aspirations and what he hopes to do with his life.

"I want you / Holding my hand lover and my best friend / I want you telling me I'm yours up until the whole thing ends / Sounds simple but it couldn't be more true, I want you," he sings at the chorus, with added layers of string joining in to pull the song to its zenith.

The full album explores life and death with personal emphasis. Abbott employs strings and horns for the first time, including emotional book ends to begin and end. The current single "Texas Women, Tennessee Whiskey" uses both, providing a rowdy middle to a project that worried little about boundaries.

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