Garth Brooks had a very busy weekend in Oklahoma City, as over 60,000 0f his friends in low places can attest to. Now word is coming from both the Chesepeake Energy Arena and the city of Oklahoma City that Brooks' historic 2-night, 4-show stay set several records in the process.

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Garth was gracious and accommodating to everyone in the building. The late shows on both Friday and Saturday were held up until everyone was in the building, so as not to miss a single moment of the show. He didn't want them to miss his unannounced opening act, an artist that admitted that not long ago, he was playing in an airport lounge. Mitch Rossell wrote Brook's latest single "Ask Me How I Know" and is living a storybook dream being plucked from obscurity to being the opening act on the biggest tour of the year. And he met the challenge head on, taking on 17,000 Brooks hungry fans and giving them everything he had with nothing more than an acoustic guitar between him and them, and when he was finished, he received a very well-earned standing ovation from an appreciative crowd.

Brooks was more than accommodating to his fans also. On Friday night he invited a local musician, Jonathan Chasteen up on stage to play alongside him, allowing the Vera resident to keep the guitar he played on stage. It was all made possible by a sign Chasteen's wife brought to the show that caught Brooks' attention. The sign said simply "My husband plays music because of Garth Brooks".

On Saturday, a Dallas man waited until Brooks was in the middle of his classic "Unanswered Prayers" to ask his girl-friend to answer his, proposing right there. When Brooks caught wind of what was going on, he stopped midsong to congratulate the couple and offer them an all expenses paid Hawaiian honeymoon, courtesy of he and wife Trisha Yearwood. He waited a little while to inform "Miss Yearwood" what he had done. At one point he stopped the show to "take requests", songs that may not normally be in his set, but fans may have traveled hundreds of miles hoping to hear, refusing to disappoint anyone.

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He played all the hits, and a few songs off of his latest album, but it was obvious the fans were their for the classics. They knew every word of every song. It became obvious how Brooks can do as many shows as he does, feeding off the energy the audience was emitting. There were fans of all ages, some too young to have even been there when some of these songs were new. But it didn't matter, they sang every word, every chorus perfectly. And they erupted for every song. At the end, no one wanted to leave, not the fans, and not even Brooks, who ran back out on the stage to thank everyone for being the greatest audience he had played in front of, but also, for welcoming him home.

In the end, Brooks reminded everyone why he may just be one of the greatest country stars of all time. He reminded every one what had been missing these last 20 years or so. He rekindled some old friendships, and in at least one case, made a new fan. More than 60,000 of Brook's closest friends attended the four show stay at the Arena, home to the NBA's Oklahoma City Thunder. Brooks had set a personal record when tickets went on sale in June, selling more than 50,000 tickets to the four shows in less than an hour. It was the busiest two-day stretch for the facility since its opening in 2002. It was the first time the building had played host to multiple major shows in one day, with all four shows taking place in just over 27 hours.

And in that time many memories were made. Many relationships were cemented, and at least one opinion was swayed.

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