A new Batman vehicle demands, in a more literal sense, a new Batman vehicle. As Ben Affleck prepares to don the cape and cowl once more to reprise the role of Bruce Wayne in Zack Snyder’s upcoming Justice League movie, modifications have also been made to his singular whip, the teched-out Batmobile. Snyder applied his bigger-is-better filmmaking ethic to the Batmobile in last year‘s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, diverging from Christopher Nolan’s utilitarian, industrial look towards something a little more tanklike. And today, Snyder’s taken to his favored social media channel of Vero to offer fans an advance look at what the latest edition of the Batmobile has to offer.

By way of The Hollywood Reporter, here’s a screencapture of Snyder’s post to Vero:

via Zack Snyder
via Zack Snyder

And true to form, Snyder has created an even more heavy-duty Batmobile. Note the multiple-barreled machine guns mounted on the wider fore of the vehicle, presumably retractable so that they may hide under the hood in situations demanding something a touch less conspicuous. Snyder captioned the photo “upgrades...” on Vero, quoting a snippet of Master Wayne’s dialogue in reference to, among other elements, the rocket launchers that appear to come right out of the car’s grill. The armor plating on the vehicle looks like it’s been beefed up as well; note the wing-looking suspended plated near the rear of the car.

Justice League comes to theaters on November 17, but for fans patiently awaiting the release, this photo confirms a long-held suspicion: whatever problems Justice League may have, “they didn’t spend enough money” will not be one of them.

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