Justin Moore doesn’t have much time to worry about the country music charts these days. Currently, the country music hitmaker has his hands full with touring the country, working on a new album and juggling a plethora of ever-changing softball schedules for his kids. But the Arkansas native does know one thing about the country music charts right now.

He knows Lainey Wilson is right on his tail.

“She better wait her turn,” Moore says, laughing, during a recent interview with Taste of Country about his former tourmate’s current spot on the country music charts. “She better not jump over me. But after we get up there, I hope she has a six-week number one, because she deserves it.”

Indeed, at the same time Wilson looks like she might have her first No. 1 hit on her hands with her current single “Things a Man Outta Know,” Moore looks like he just might snag his tenth No. 1 hit courtesy of his bittersweet single "We Didn’t Have Much."

“I remember the first one and being thrilled with that and then going, ‘Man, I just have to have one more so I'm not a one-hit wonder,” Moore says with another laugh. He has actually been able to make quite a career on a string of hits that began with “Small Town USA” in 2009.  “To look back now and see the success we've had is crazy.”

And when you have been around as long as Moore has, you delight in watching others have success, too.

“We've just been around long enough to have been able to see that a number of times with people that we have been on tour with,” says Moore, who also reached the top spot with the touching “The Ones That Didn’t Make It Back Home.”

“You go back to Dustin Lynch or Jon Pardi, and the list goes on and on. It's always really fun to see that.”

Of course, if “We Didn’t Have Much” does reach the top spot, it will certainly hold an even greater piece of Moore’s heart, as it has always seemed to be custom-made for the precarious times we find ourselves living these days.

“I heard the song prior to the pandemic and loved it because it took me back to my childhood,” says Moore. “But then when the pandemic hit and we were all kind of forced to lead a much simpler life, it kind of took on a whole new meaning. And so, I think it's been a relatable song for people for a number of reasons because of what we've all dealt with.”

While “We Didn’t Have Much” appears on his current album Straight Outta the Country, it might end up being the only single coming from it, as Moore confirms to Taste of Country that he will release a new single next month from a brand-new upcoming album.

“I think with the ever-changing landscape of how we put music out, we're trying to put as much out as quickly as we can now,” explains Moore, who next plays in California on Aug. 19. “The things that I've written over the last year…I mean, we need to get this other stuff out that we love. We don't want to waste it because we really love the stuff. If we don't get it out, you won't hear it for three or four years, so that's kind of why we're putting it out with this sort of urgency.”

But for now, he anxiously waits to see if he is going to snag his next No. 1 hit.

And then, he’ll wait for Wilson to catch up.

“She's got all the attributes that it takes to make a long and successful run in this business,” he says.  “I couldn't be happier for her because I know how it feels to have your first one after busting your ass for so long."

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