Kalie Shorr has launched a visual celebration surrounding her song about steadfastly following her unique creative compass, "My Voice." And the clip's every bit as fun as the bouncy song itself.

The tune that marries the warmth of country with the swagger of pop-punk tells the story of Shorr's plight as an unsigned artist — she penned the cut before inking a recent deal with Tmwrk Records. Ironically, upon its release in October, "My Voice" was the singer's first single with her new label home.

But that doesn't dull the song's message. In the track, Shorr predicts that radio will "probably never play me cause I'm not a boy," and she claims she's "too rock for country, too country for punk."

The entertainer has admitted she initially didn't think the song "would see the light of day … I wrote it last year as a personal encouragement to myself a few days before I went into the studio to record Open Book. Now, a year later, so much has changed … but there's some things that never will."

Open Book, Shorr's first LP, also straddles the line between an unsigned performer and a one with record label resources. When it first emerged last year, it was the latest of her self-released works. Reissued by Tmwrk this month as Open Book: Unabridged, it's now her mainstream debut.

Perhaps that's why Shorr attacks the "My Voice" video with such gleeful abandon. In the high-spirited clip, the singer can't keep still as she romps around a hotel room, spending time sitting, laying and dancing on any furniture available. Near the start of the vid, she flips a (blurred) bird to the camera.

It's just one more reason to love the spunky Shorr as she embarks on her career as a signed country artist. We have a feeling we'll hear a lot more of what she has to say very soon.

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