Kane Brown is letting fans in on what his relationship with fiancee Katelyn Jae is like with his "What’s Mine Is Yours" video.

The romantic montage takes fans into what real life is like for them, doing normal things like making breakfast, playing with Brown’s dog and hanging out at home together. Shot in a grainy style reminiscent of home movies, the video is a perfect match for the song thematically, which is a reflection on how life has changed since Katelyn came into Brown’s life. Even though it's different and he finds himself having to share space, step over her shoes on the floor — it’s all right by him.

The adorable "What's Mine Is Yours" video scenes show the genuine side of Brown and his relationship, which he kept fairly quiet for a long time. He announced the engagement in April but deleted the post after he received negative comments from fans. Now, with the release of this video, it seems he’s not worried about what anyone thinks.

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Brown says Katelyn is doing most of the wedding planning, but not because he doesn’t want to help. He just cares more about the person he’ll be standing next to than the details.

“I don’t really have any input because I’m the type of person … I put my tux on [and] as long as you’re in front of me, I don’t care what’s there. I let her do it,” he says. He also adds they’ll be having a small wedding, because he’s a quality-over-quantity kind of guy.

“I don’t have so many friends … I have my friends that I know have been there for me, and then I’ve got some new friends that I’ve made, artist-wise,” he explains.

The artist just released a deluxe version of his debut album, which also includes a song called “Found You” and a collaboration with Chris Young titled “Setting the Night on Fire.” His recent single “What Ifs” featuring childhood friend and fellow country star Lauren Alaina hit No. 1 on the iTunes Country Songs chart and was certified gold.

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