Katelyn Brown met her husband, Kane Brown, when they were both young artists working on careers in music, but in a new interview, she says she's unlikely to go back to performing after the couple welcomed their first child, daughter Kingsley Rose, in October.

The couple met through a producer who was working with both of them when Katelyn was trying to establish herself as an R&B and pop singer. She later decided to drop the performing part of her career and go to Berklee to study the business side of music. She and Brown married and announced that she was pregnant before she earned her degree in May of 2019. She tells Taylor Magazine that while she still wants to be creative, she doesn't envision ever trying to be a solo artist again.

"My favorite part about being an artist was being in the studio. Performing really wasn’t my favorite part but it’s part of the job," Brown says. "It made me so nervous and I was extremely intimidated by it."

If she does get back into music, she adds, it would be behind the scenes, songwriting or producing. In the meantime, she's focused on being a mom.

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"It’s definitely an experience!" she says of her pregnancy. "It is my first one and just watching my body go through all these changes, it’s amazing what the female body can do. It’s so crazy!"

Katelyn and Kane both had young parents, and they wanted to do start their family while they are young. Brown is 26, and Katelyn is 27.

"We have a really close relationship with our parents; my mum’s my best friend, so I want the same kind of bond with my daughter," she says.

Brown hopes she can use her own experience to teach her daughter to stand up for herself.

"I would tell her to walk her own path. You don’t need to follow anyone else and there’s no right or wrong way to live your life," she says.

"When I was growing up, I had all these people influencing me and telling me how I should look, or what music I should sing. I wish I had said, 'I don’t care, I’m going to do me.' So, I really hope my daughter walks her own path and is independent and confident in everything she does."

Kane Brown recently released a new song titled "For My Daughter," in which he promises to be there for his daughter in the way his father was not for him. He is set to embark on his headlining 2020 Worldwide Beautiful Tour in February, and both his wife and daughter are set to accompany him on select dates.

“They probably won’t be at every stop, but we plan to have the family out as much as possible,” he tells Nashville's Tennessean newspaper. “The band and everyone's all excited to have her out.”

Kane Brown tickets are available to all of his upcoming shows.

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