Keith Urban has new music coming on the way, and he tested out a new song at the annual Country Radio Seminar Thursday (Feb. 20) to see how it might go over.

Titled "God Whispered Your Name," Urban's new song made a splash at the Universal Music Group luncheon and showcase at Nashville's Ryman Auditorium on Thursday (Feb. 20).

Urban wasn't cool, calm and collected for the performance, however. "I'm actually pretty nervous. Something to do with the Ryman. Actually, it might be to do with trying to sing a new song last year, 'We Were,' and it taking, like, four attempts," he said (quote via The Boot), referring to some glitches he had at the previous year's event.

Things went off this time without a hitch, though, and after his performance of the new tune, Urban called on Carrie Underwood to join him for a rendition of their 2016 hit "The Fighter." Underwood had performed earlier in the afternoon and was in fighting shape to oblige.

Urban hasn't released too many details about his next album to date. He has, however, noted that he likes to "keep music coming" without necessarily putting out a completed album, since it's not something he can do annually. To that idea, he has released several songs recently, including the festive "I'll Be Your Santa Tonight" and the reminiscent "We Were."

Urban's next release, when it comes, will be his first album since 2018's chart-topping Graffiti U.

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