From the sound of it, Keith Urban will be better in no time following a successful throat surgery. The ‘Without You’ singer underwent the outpatient procedure to remove a polyp on his vocal chords earlier this week and thankfully, came out unscathed.

While Urban will sing again eventually, he won’t be able to speak — or sing — for another three weeks. The Australian hitmaker went under the knife on Tuesday, and Friday, his spokesperson said he was “doing fine.”

Earlier this month, Urban reassured his worried fans by telling them that the procedure is routine. “It’s not an uncommon thing, and we’ve certainly been seeing a lot of it recently too, but I think the technology has improved and so the success of this kind of surgery is much greater now than before. I’m hoping I can continue that tradition!” he said.

Just before he went in for the surgery, the singer reached out yet again to show the fans his gratitude, as he received boat loads of gifts, cards and ‘get well soon’ baskets. “I can’t even express my gratitude,” he gushed in a video message. “It’s like family. I got the most amazing gift basket.” Perhaps in case he didn’t recover, Urban also thanked the Urban-ites for a wonderful year, saying, “It is palpable, and it was great, phenomenal energy, seeing you sing along to new songs. It was really heartening for me, so for me personally, I had an incredibly great time on this tour and I was sad to see it end.”

We’re thrilled to hear that Urban is on the mend! Get well soon, Keith!

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