Some women guard the contents of their handbags with their lives. Others dump them out for all the world to see in the pages of fashion and lifestyle magazines, where “What’s Inside My Bag” features are super popular. Country cutie Kellie Pickler falls into the latter group, as the singer, who will release ’100 Proof’ on Jan. 24, offered fans a peak into her pricey and studded black Burberry tote.

Pickler let UsWeekly scope out the contents of her $3,000 bag, which she admitted was a gift from her husband of one year, Kyle Jacobs. “I love it so much,” Pickler gushed, revealing that Jacobs presented her with the tote on Valentine’s Day last year. The bag had caught her eye while on tour in Iraq with rock queen Joan Jett. Jett was carrying the bag and Pickler instantly coveted it.

So what does Pickler carry at all times in a gorgeous, high-end bag that costs as much as some people’s mortgage payments? Beauty products, and tons of ‘em. A gal can’t be caught without gloss and sunscreen, especially when she’s famous!

Pickler, who copped to liking “light, everyday wear makeup” and says she doesn’t wear a lot of makeup outside of work, stashes a nude, sheer MAC Lip Glass and a tube of Burt’s Bees lip balm in her bag. Calling herself “cotton-ball white,” Pickler is cautious when venturing out into the sun without protection. The fair-skinned beauty mixes Aveeno’s Continuous Protection for Face sunscreen with Physicians Formula bronzer. So she gets the SPF shield and a little color at once, without damaging her porcelain skin.

Pickler also totes L’Occitane Fresh Face Water, which is a recent discovery and new addition to her beauty repertoire. She sprays it on her face constantly.

The singer still carries a red Louis Vuitton wallet –another item with a steep price tag, since it set her back nearly $900! However, if you think about the cost per wear, it was a practical purchase, since she bought it right after she finished ‘American Idol’ back in 2005. While it’s “banged up” and “broken in,” she still loves and uses it.

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