Kelly Clarkson isn't exactly loving being out of commission following her appendectomy on Thursday (May 2). The singer has kept her sense of humor about the situation, but she admits that recovery "super duper sucks."

"Turns out I don’t 'rest' well," Clarkson writes on Twitter — which, really, should come as no surprise to anyone who's looked at the star's jam-packed schedule as of late. She's been on the road, is coaching The Voice, voiced a character in the new UglyDolls movie and hosted and performed at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards the night before her surgery.

Still, Clarkson admits, she's "so bored" with her recovery period, and she's not taking too well to the pain medication: "Pain meds make me feel a different kind of horrible 2 where I question if I’d just rather feel the pain instead," she admits.

Still, Clarkson managed to find something somewhat funny about the situation: "2 out of the 3 scars feel as if Lord Voldemort is always near," she jokes, making a Harry Potter reference.

Clarkson was suffering from appendicitis in the days leading up to the 2019 Billboard Music Awards on Wednesday (May 1), but she still took charge at he show like the boss that she is. She then flew straight home to Los Angeles for major surgery.

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