As Kelly Clarkson came through Blake Shelton's home state of Oklahoma last Friday (Feb. 8) the sometimes-country songstress decided she just had to pay tribute to her The Voice counterpart.

"When I saw that we are coming to Oklahoma [on her Meaning of Life Tour], I thought I have to do a Blake Shelton song," Clarkson, a native Texan, told the crowd, according to a show review by Tulsa World.

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"But I want to tell you what. It's hard to pick just one because he’s got like a billion No. 1s. ... I'm like over here working my tail off. Brother is just pooping out No. 1s left and right. I don't even get it," she joked, speaking of Shelton's many hit songs. "I'm like, what? I do get it, though. His songs are so good so it was really hard for me to pick one."

Eventually, Clarkson settled on Shelton's 2013 hit song "Boys 'Round Here," customizing the lyrics to come from a female point of view. "I changed his song up and I’m just going to tell you the truth about some Southern girls right here," she said.

From there, she showed her own brand of "sweet Southern drawl" and it seems Shelton approved — he later shared video on his Twitter page, using it as a moment to promote his own upcoming tour.

"(Blake is) one of the main reasons why I wanted to do The Voice," Clarkson admitted to the crowd. "He's so much fun to work with, He's a rad dude. You all raise them good here apparently in Oklahoma. You do a good job."

She also made sure to throw some love at some other Oklahoma folk, including her mother-in-law. "I mean, hell, you all have got like Reba (McEntire)," Clarkson added. "You have got Garth (Brooks)! There are a ton of people from here."

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