It's no secret that Nashville's female artists are a strong bunch, but this was put into sharp relief on Monday (July 2) when celebrity trainer Erin Oprea posted a photo of what could only be described as an epic girl-power workout party with Kelsea Ballerini, Maren Morris, and Carly Pearce all in attendance.

"I wish all of you could be a fly on the wall for this killer session, nothing but Sweat, Laughter, and Good music. It really never happens that clients can workout together because everybody is ALWAYS so busy, so this was a BLAST!! @kelseaballerini @marenmorris @carlypearce are BADASS women that give it their all!" the trainer wrote, adding an extra photo (swipe right) of the three singers flexing for all they are worth.

We would indeed like to be a fly on the wall for this session, if only to listen in on what the "good music" playlist entailed. It's a safe bet with these three that that was probably as epic as the fact they were able to all make time in their schedules at once for a joint workout!

The exercise was well needed, as all three artists are needing to keep their strength up for a busy summer. Ballerini is Keith Urban’s special guest on the GRAFFITI U WORLD TOUR which runs through November 3, Morris busy putting together her sophomore album and touring with Niall Horan, and Pearce will be hitting the road this week to play dates through October.

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