Kelsea Ballerini will release her sophomore album Unapologetically on Nov. 3, and she's giving fans a preview with the title track.

It's a song she's been performing on the road as part of Lady Antebellum's You Look Good World Tour — "Unapologetically" is an upbeat track that details Ballerini falling for her fiance, Morgan Evans.

Ballerini announced her album title during an appearance on Good Morning America in July and has explains that the title track is the first love song she's ever written. She penned the song three weeks after meeting Evans.

"They're gonna say I fell too fast / They're gonna say it's never gonna last / And before it's too late I should just back away," Ballerini sings on the first verse.

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With hand-clapped rhythms and shimmering production, it's the most country-pop sounding song Ballerini has released to date. The love song has her admitting that she's jumping in too fast, but she actually doesn't care that she's being careless.

"I'm unapologetically in love and that's unapologetically enough / No matter where it takes me / Even if it breaks me," she sings on the "Unapologetically" chorus.

"I've never been more proud as I am of this record, the story it tells, and the heart my friends and I put into it. So, November 3, we get to start the next chapter! Unapologetically...," she says in a press release announcing the album.

Previously, Ballerini shared another new song called "High School" which has been a longtime fan favorite. The song tells the story of two people who had a relationship as teens, but begin to grow apart because he can’t move on from his younger, wilder days, while she has “traded in prom queen for a big-city dream / And a slate that’s clean.”

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