Kenny Chesney is once again showing not only country music but the world just how much he loves the ocean and all marine life.  

Chesney will join as an honorary board member of The Building Conservation Trust which is a national marine habitat program of the Coastal Conservation Association. This organization was established just 4 years ago and allows people from all walks of life who love the ocean and care about the marine life within.

Patrick Murray, who is the current president of the group said 'It is uncommon to find people such as Kenny that have helped people to see the ocean the way he does.' Kenny loves spending time on the water for both sport and for relaxation during his down time. Through this he has been able to relate to thousands in his music about conserving what we have. This is one of the reasons we are glad to have him as a part of the board.

Murray goes on to say, that the time has come where everyone needs to get onboard with the conservation. 'The beaches, oceans, sea life. It is all important. One person cannot save the world or all of the oceans.' 'Working together, according to Chesney and bringing people together, working towards a common goal will help not only us but generations to come. There will be an impact one way or the other. It is time to protect this natural resource.'

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