Tequila and tacos at 2 a.m. That’s when and how Roger Creager and Kevin Fowler conceived their latest project. When the cook handed their tacos to the waiter that night and said, “Para los ‘Dos Borrachos’,” it was divine intervention.

For those of us non-Spanish speakers, "Dos Borrachos" means “Two drunks,” which they were. And now “Dos Borrachos” is the name of the band, the record, and the party anthem title track.

The lead-off single, “Barroom Buddies” has Creager and Fowler covering the classic Merle Haggard/Clint Eastwood tune with perfect timing and musical chemistry - elements that continue throughout the entire album.

Dos Borrachos is due November 15th and comes on the heels of Fowler’s latest effort, Barstool Stories, released in August 2019. The album will be the first new music from Creager since 2015’s Gulf Coast Time.

And get ready, The Dos Borrachos (Fowler and Creager) will embark on a two-week tour in November to bring beach vibes, party songs and good times to crowds across Texas.

And just in case you need a lil refresher, here are Merle and Clint:

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