Kip Moore has been very vocal lately about his feelings toward ticket scalpers. Now, he's gone so far as to personally challenge one on on Twitter.

In June, Moore penned a handwritten letter expressing his feelings about scalpers being the cause of raised ticket prices, admitting that "the thing that pisses me off the most is scalpers." And he's proving it.

It all started with Moore tweeting about tickets going on sale soon. That got the alleged scalper, Brent Miller, tweeting about his cheap tickets to Moore's show:

It didn't take long for Moore to respond:

Once the scalper knew he had Moore's attention, it spiraled into an all out Twitter war ...  and neither were backing down.

Miller continued:

Moore wanted to let him know he wouldn't stand for it -- especially if he ever saw the scalper at one of his shows.

Moore continued, letting the scalper know that he was robbing people that work hard every day. "Have fun being the worst," the singer said. Then, the challenge started:

Miller accepted Moore's challenge saying, "See you then dude please leave under Brent Miller" -- but he wasn't stopping there. The scalper kept the punches coming, tweeting, "no to fishing? what time do i need to be there u and mcgraw are selling well at this venue which makes me happy happy happy" and " please bundle it in 100's in a kip moore shirt size small my wifes a big fan."

One thing is for sure: Moore is definitely someone we wouldn't want to mess with!

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