We've said it before, and we'll say it again: If you're not sold on Kip Moore, one of his concerts will make you a fan. Moore recently began his Plead the Fifth Tour, with Drake White and Jordan Davis in tow as special guests, and dang, is it a good show!

At the Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, on Saturday night (Oct. 21), Moore and company's sets moved quickly -- a slightly different setup than other Plead the Fifth Tour stops, due to venue time constraints. Still, the fans in attendance were treated to an acoustic set by newcomer Davis, rising star White's jam band-meets-country aesthetic and, of course, Moore's all-out-rockin' show.

Readers can flip through the photo gallery above to see shots from Moore's set in Niagara Falls, and read on for some of the highlights.

Slowheart Sounds Awesome Live

In addition to his hits and older material, Moore played a number of the songs off of his newest album, Slowheart, during his show at the Fallsview Casino. Although his set was slightly abbreviated because of venue regulations, Moore included, among others, "Plead the Fifth," "Just Another Girl," "Sunburn" and "The Bull." Yes, "The Bull" is as much fun live as you'd expect!

Moore's Got Moves!

Move over, Luke Bryan! We'd like to nominate Moore as the best dancer in country music, and the guy who'd be the most fun to hang with in a mosh pit. As the artist bounded around the stage on Saturday night, he exuded loads of swagger -- but he also wasn't shy about letting himself get into the music. Those moves in his "The Bull" music video? That ain't acting.

"Hey Pretty Girl" Is Swoon-Worthy

On his Plead the Fifth Tour, Moore is playing "Hey Pretty Girl" by himself, accompanied only by his acoustic guitar. Prior to starting the song on Saturday night, he explained to the crowd that he was going to play the tune closer to how it was written: The melody was largely the same, but Moore's pacing and inflection changed from the studio version of the track. The performance felt incredibly heartfelt.

Best Wishes to the Happy Couple!

Two fans got engaged during White's Saturday night set. As the singer performed his romantic song "Makin' Me Look Good Again," a concertgoer in the balcony got down on one knee. White had been informed of their plans during a pre-show meet and greet, and, near the end of the song, he made sure the rest of the audience knew about the sweet gesture.

It's Time to Get to Know Davis

Davis only had a few minutes onstage on Saturday night, but he made the most of it: Accompanied by his drummer and his guitarist, the new artist performed a brief acoustic set that featured his single "Singles You Up," but also a couple of romantic tracks inspired by his wife. The stripped-down performances let Davis' voice and lyrics shine.

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